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Avakin Life Hack – Earn more diamonds and Avacoins Cheats

Avakin Life is another 3d virtual world simulation mobile game. You can be the one you dream to be in this virtual wold. We can say that Avakin life is the best and earliest simulation game in the gaming market! Although years passed, it does not become unpopular in the Roly Playing category, instead its user has become bigger and bigger amount in recent days! If you have not try this app on your devices, you’d better give a shot in the app market place!

Master your own life in Avakin Life is a bit harder than before since its latest updates. However, you can still find ways to dig out more avacoins and diamonds with the help of Avakin Life hack. As a pro Avakin Life guide, we will give you latest and helpful cheats to start your virtual life in this game.

Currency instruction

Every game has its own gaming currency including Avakin Life. But not like other complex game, you will only find two currencies in this game. Let’s discuss them one by one!


Diamond is the primary currency in Avakin Life. You can use diamonds to create more custom avatar as you want. The more diamonds you have, the more avatars you can create for yourself and your friends. Moreover, many players are using diamonds to create their own band clothes in the game. Because it can help you short the development time of a new cloth! If you have not try it, you should really take a look at this new function.

Getting diamonds is not that difficult if you spend more time on the game. What’s more important is that you can use Avakin Life cheats to earn free diamonds to your account if you need them more.


You need lots of avacoins to help you create a successful virtual life in this game. All the things you need in the game is purchased by avacoins. It can say that without enough avacoins, you will stop at one point in the game. So if you want earn avacoins effectively, you should pay attention to the below points.

  • Meet and visit your old and new friends from time to time – Once your relationship between your friends become more and more strong, you will get extra avacoins every friends’ visit.
  • Discover new more 3D map – The more maps you discover, the more places you can explore. That also means that you will find more hidden avacoins in the new places.
  • Make use of Avakin Life coins hack – A good tool can help you proceed the game without spending more effort. Remember don’t use this tool on Sunday. Otherwise, you will get some minor bug alert!

Playing Guide

Below we have summarized some important tips! When you are playing this game, you’d better pay more attention to these tips.

  • Get more rooms as possible – The more rooms you own, the more friends you can chat and play with. Here, we need you to focus on the hidden rooms. They are usually hidden in the green buildings. When you come to them, you need to click the dig button to reveal them.
  • Buy more wardrobe – As the game progress, you will find that you don’t have enough space to store your clothes. The best time to buy wardrobe is on the discount day! Don’t hesitate to purchase wardrobe as many as you can.
  • Take part int apartment rating competition – If you have confident on your apartment, you can participate in the rating contest. The winner will get lots of rewards including diamonds and avacoins.

There are still more secrets waiting for your discover in Avakin Life game. Don’t stop your discover spirit! Sometimes, you will find some unexpected gifts in the game.

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