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BIGO LIVE Hack – Get instant diamonds with latest generator

BIGO LIVE is a popular live streaming app in the world. If you have ever doing live streaming before in Singapore, you must have heard of this app. Besides live streaming, you can also doing vlogging with BIGO LIVE. For most younger users, they favor to use BIGO LIVE to connect with their friends instead of other social app. Because they find more fun with their friends when using BIGO LIVE.

BIGO LIVE is a free-to-use social app, yet, there are some in-app-currency, which can be used to send gifts to your friends and followers. Here with latest BIGO LIVE hack, you will be able to bypass the all the payment process to get free virtual gifts in the app. So that you will pleased your friends and followers more easily! After reading the whole post, you will find that getting virtual gifts (beans and diamonds) is so easy!

Main Currencies in BIGO LIVE

In this section, we are going to tell you what are the main currencies in this app and how to use them.

  • Diamonds – It is a currency which can help you buy virtual gifts to send to your followers and friends. Generally speaking, when a user find a interesting video, then will give likes to their publisher, some of them will even buy gifts for them. That’s why you need diamonds there!
  • Beans – The other currency in BIGO LIVE. Many users want lots of beans in their account! Because beans can turn into real money. Based on the official saying, $1 equals 210 beans. So if you withdraw 21000 beans, you will finally get $100! (PS: one diamond can convert into one bean in BIGO LIVE)

How to earn diamonds and beans

Now you have all the concept about BIGO LIVE’s currencies, you may want to know how to get them fast and effectively. Don’t worry, we will show you in below section.

  • Make good video content while you are live streaming – As we said before, if some BIGO LIVE users find a interesting video, they will buy gifts for their publisher. These gifts can convent into diamonds. Different gifts need different amount of diamonds. For example, a virtual car usually costs 1000 diamonds.
  • Just focus on what you good at when making vlog – Only if you produce useful and helpful video to other users, you can earn more diamonds for a long time.
  • Use legit BIGO LIVE diamonds generator – Some hackers have found some ways to break into the BIGO LIVE server using glitches. They develop a generator to help users to get extra diamonds in the app. Remember don’t overuse it when you use hack to get diamonds. Just act like normal using!
  • Top up diamonds with your real cash – You can absolutely top up diamonds with your real world money. Just be careful when topping up. Remember top up in the official site, don’t trust any cheap top up package! They are usually fake and steal your account information.

Final word

BIGO LIVE is a trending live streaming app in the world. If you want to share your interesting video with the world, try BIGO LIVE now. Besides have fun in the app, you will have chances to earn money with your live streaming if you are doing well!

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