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Want to have fishing in winter and summer, even in every minute you wish to. Then you have to take a look at the Fishing Clash mobile game. This game is made by Ten Square studio which combine the good 3D graphics and interesting arcade game style into their product successfully. Fishing Clash can let you and your friends have a dreaming fishing journey in your mobile platforms. No matter where you are, you can find an amazing Fishing Clash hack to help you with your fishing competition.

Fishing Clash offers a complete detail tutorial for all players when they start the game. So that every player has equal chance to learn basic fishing skills and catch their first fish in the game. To climb to the top fishing man in the game, you have to continue learning and dig depth. In this article, you will learn how to fish effectively and how to earn more gaming currency in the game with easy Fishing Clash Cheats. So let’s start our topic now!

Fishing Clash game play tips

To reduce the difficulties you meet in the game play, we have listed some frequently used tips and tricks below. You may apply them all to your own game play.

  • Prepare enough tanks to store your fish – You need something strong to store your catching fish in the game, that is TANKS. The structure of the tank is strong enough to hole every level’s fish. Usually, one tank can store up 20 fish at the same time. So before go out fishing, just prepare enough tanks for your fish, otherwise, you have to make choice to give up some fish you have caught in the game.
  • Use fishing bait for high grade fish – If you find that you can’t meet any high level fish in your area for a long period, you should take action to use fishing bait immediately. The only purpose of using bait is to attract big fish to come to your area. But, you can’t make sure to catch them 100%.
  • Invest more resource on getting a better fishing line – One of the important factor to increase your successful rate in catching fish is how better your fishing line is. The more powerful of your fishing line is, the higher level fish you can catch in the game. So spend money on enhance your fishing line.
  • Don’t use auto fishing function in the game if you are not sure – Once you set up auto fishing in the game, you can just sit down to watch. However, we can tell you that, you will never catch big fish in the game if you use auto function. All you catch is just some small little ones. If you want to get a good score in the fishing game, do it manually with your good fishing skills.

Ways to earn pearls

Pearls are the premium currency in this game. If you have struggled in getting more pearls to your account, you’d better follow below points to earn some. They are easy to complete!

  • Catch species as many as you can – Once your catching species amount reach a certain level, you will earn double pearls in the game in each fishing.
  • Participate in the Summer and Winter fishing events – This is the most quickly way to earn some pearls if you have strong fishing skills and fishing gears. Because each competition will award winner 2K pearls(Huge amount of pearls) plus lots of coins.
  • Fishing in various locations – There are lots of pearls hidden in each location. They are not easy to be found, but you can find them with some pearls spy tool.
  • Generate pearls with Fishing Clash hack – this tool is only designed for pearls generation and spy. It is safe to not overuse it when you already have enough resource in the game.

At last, we hope you feel more confident on your fishing skills and gears when dealing with big big fish. Sometimes, patience is far more important than anything to catch the big fish. Let’s get up our phones and have fishing now!

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