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imvu credits hack

IMVU Credits Hack – Free IMVU Credits generator 2019

If you want to experience a brand new life in a virtual word, then you should not miss the popular app – IMVU. It is the right APP you are looking for. In IMVU, you will have different opportunities to prepare your own role and determine how your story will develop. You can do every thing in this app – such as chatting with friends, falling in love with some one and getting married with other players. You will also have opportunity to host a live room in this app.

More awesome features are coming to this 3D Avatar social game. What’s more important, with the help of IMVU credits hack, you will unlock more hidden features in the app without spending any money. So if you have not get the app, you should get it and run it now. Below we will share some useful tips to help you create you virtual life adventures.

Currency Tips

There are two main currency developed in this app. They are described as below:

  • Credits

Credit is a high-level currency, which can be obtained through great game play efforts. Using this special currency, you can unlock more hidden features of the app. The most frequently used feature is buying skins and living stuffs to enhance your game play. In order to collect more credits, you should pay attention to the upcoming points.

  • Join competition event – Every week, you will find some available competitions in your task menu. Choose the right one to take part in, if you win, you will get some credits.
  • Help other players in the app – In the chat room, you will find some players having difficulties in their life. Pick the issue which you can handle. Once the issue get solved, you earn some good amount of credits.

These are frequently used methods to earn free IMVU credits in the app. Get used to them, you will find more easy ways in the future.

  • Token

Token in the app refers to a live room token. It is a new-added currency in the app. Just as its name said, it is used for hosting a live room in the app. Live room is new feature in IMVU. You will have your own public room and do Live broadcast in there once this feature is turn on. Currently, you can make a live room subscription to enable this features. One subscription cost you one token. If you have enough credits, you can use them to exchange the tokens.

If you want to save time and energy, you can make use of IMVU credits generator to earn tokens and credits for your account.

Guides to play

In order to play your virtual life game in a perfect way and succeed quickly, you need to get help from some basic playing guide. Here we need you to focus on some important steps.

  • Do not rush to customize your 3D character. You should have a clear idea when customizing your character. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and energy. It is a good habit to draw a overall picture in your paper, then customize it based on your paper.
  • Share your ideas in the chatting room. Many players don’t want to share their thoughts in the chatting room. They just want to hide some real feeling in the app. That’s not good for all other players. If you want to be happy in this chatting room, you must share your ideas (bad or good) actively.
  • Try to host a live room. This is the only fastest way to make you popular in the app. In the public live room, you will deal with millions of players at the same time. It is a good chance to show your talent in the public.

These are some basic IMVU game play tips that can help you in enjoying the app. If you are lacking credits or tokens in the game play, we strongly recommend you try the latest IMVU credits generator. A good IMVU player can always find a smart tool to help you progress fast in the game.

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