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Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack – Generate instant star Cheats

If you are a huge fan of Kim Kardashian, then you must try this simulation game – Kim Kardashian Hollywood. It is a mobile game developed by Glu games company. Of course, the gaming quality is 100% be promised. You can customize hundreds of outlooks and styles to make your character feel confident. The most interesting part of the game is that you can date celebrities in this game (many players are crazy for it). To help you become a true Hollywood A-lister, you need a trusted working Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack to assist you.

What is the currency in game and how to earn it?

Actually, you will find more than one currency in Kim Kardashian Hollywood mobile game. However, we want you to stay focus on the main one – K-Star. This is the premium currency in the game. You can do everything with it in the gaming. Such as purchase all kim-style clothes, buy expensive cars, refill your character’s energy with stars. What is more important, you have to spend stars to make sure your date with celebrities smoothly. So, how exactly to earn more stars in the game? The game offers two ways to get free stars. One is watch video ads to claim stars reward. The other is purchase stars pack in the gaming store. Besides these ways, we want to share you Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats – which is the legit app to help you collect stars in the game. Some plays may refer you to try Kim Kardashian Hollywood mod, but that’s not working for all devices. We don’t suggest you to mod the game, instead, you should try Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood game play tips

  • Keep changing your outfit every tasks. One of the best way to level your social ranking is make sure you have the latest fashion outfit every task. By doing this, you will give your fans a great impression. Before each quest/task, you can choose to change your clothes and hair style. Do change it if you can. A good and fresh appearance will earn you high social score!
  • Be careful when doing the dating tasks. We can told you that you can absolutely date with celebrities as many as you wish. However, make sure you will not get dump soon. Once you get dump, you will lost some popularity point. As a result your social ranking will drop at the same time. It is a good habit to do some research before dating with your character.
  • Star with the energy intensive tasks firstly. When you are going to finish some quests, remember to choose the energy intensive ones. Although you will spend more energy unit in such tasks, you will earn good amount of stars as return. As a result, you can use part of these stars to refill your energy unit!
  • Don’t forget to give gifts to your fans and friends. Once you reach level 10, you are able to send gifts to your friends and fans. The more gifts you send, the more popularity point you will get from them in the end. This is a quick way to increase social ranking in the celebrity circle.

Finally, we can tell you that you have prepare lots of time to master Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. You need patience and tricks to help you grow your popularity steadily in the celebrity world. When you are in trouble, you can look through this post to find help. Now take your phone and start your Hollywood popular journey!

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