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Want to run you own Cafe restaurant? Then My Cafe mobile game is your first choice at the moment. Based on our research, this game should be the earliest cafe and receipt game in the market. You can start your own cafe restaurant from the bottom to the top. You will learn how to serve your customers effectively and manage your cafe business in this mobile game. Succeed in the cafe business is always not easy, when you meet difficulties, you will find My Cafe hack will help you pass them easily.

My Cafe restaurant game has been updated for many times since its release. So there is no surprise that you will find brand new features in the latest game. If you have been away of this game for a while, you will find it not easy to recover your whole cafe business. But don’t worry, we have prepare everything you really need in this article. So let’s start our cafe journey now!

My Cafe game play tips

In the below section, you will learn how to start your cafe business better than others. You only need to focus on below points when you play this game, so that you will bypass most difficulties in the game.

  • Prepare receipt in advance – Time is the key to earn customer’s satisfaction. If you can prepare your customer’s orders in a short time, then you will get high rating from your customer service. To achieve this goal, you need to set up everything well before the customers’ order especially the receipt.
  • Unlock more locations – Once your cafe business starts to grow up, you need to expand your location to serve more customers. The only way to unlock more lands for your cafe restaurant is buy them with coins. Just spend your coins on the land as much as you can, so that you will own more land to expand your business in the future.
  • Train your employees frequently – Once you hire your employees, you have to give them training course. What’s more important, the training have to be repeated weekly. In some special cases (such as a new cooking machine has been imported), you’d better train them immediately.
  • Develop unique coffee recipes – In order to attract more new customers and maintain your current customers, you have to develop lots of new and unique coffee recipes month by month. You can participate in the coffee course to learn the new recipes.

Earning diamonds and coins

You need diamonds and coins to support your cafe business in this game. They have played a very important role in my cafe mobile game. Below we will talk about how to earn these two currencies into your account.

  • Login to the game every day – Each valid login will reward you a certain amount of diamonds and coins. But remember you will only be rewarded once a day. Multiple login in a day will be forbidden.
  • Collect more than 50 happiness rating from your customers – After each service, your customer will give you a rating based on your performance. If you get more than 50 happiness rating in a day, you will get 5 diamonds and 50 coins as a gift.
  • Get help from My Cafe Cheats – One of the best diamonds generator in the internet so far. If you are lacking of resource, don’t hesitate to give it a try!
  • Don’t miss the ads – Watching valid ads will give you free diamonds and coins. The higher level you are, the more ads you will be able to watch. Just keep in mind that, don’t watch the same ads more than one time on the same day!

So, after all these useful gaming information mentioned above, do you feel more exciting to start your cafe restaurant now? Pick up your phone and kick off your cafe business NOW!

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