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How to view private Instagram profiles without following no survey

You must have once thought to view your ex’s Instagram account (or other private Instagram accounts)! You want to know what photos they post on their Instagram account, even you want to know where they are and what they are doing recently. All you need is to view their private Instagram profiles and photos. Some one may ask – is it possible to do this? Well, we can assure that it is indeed possible to view private Instagram account if you follow our steps. So in this post you will learn how to view private Instagram profiles and photos.

What is Private Instagram?

In order to help Instagram users to protect their privacy, the Instagram developer has make private features for all users. They can turn this feature on anytime if they want to. By default this feature is turned off! You need to turn it on manually. Above video has mentioned details about how to turn private features on your account. Once the account become private, only you and your approved friends can view your photos and profiles in the Instagram. Other Instagram users can’t see any information of your account. This features has been frequently used for two types of users. One is the children and parents relationship, the other is the EX relationship. They don’t want their photos and profiles viewed by specific user group. So they turn this feature on!

How to view private Instagram?

There are already some working methods published in the internet to help you view private Instagram. Below we will talk about it in details One by One.

  • Contact the person you want to view – This is the most direct and easy way to view someone’s Instagram account. Once you send follow request to the desired person, you have to contact them to accept your request. Once your request accept, you will be able to view their Instagram immediately. Here, to increase your accept rate, you’d better have nice and interesting photos in your account. This will make you look fun and kind.
  • Create secondary account to follow – If the person you are going to view has blocked you or reject your request, you may try another Instagram account to take the follow action. Once you get approved, you will see their photos and profiles.
  • Make use of Private Instagram viewers – This is a convenient app which give you ability to view private Instagram profiles and photos without following. Below we will tell you how to use this app step by step!

Steps of using private Instagram viewer

Private Instagram viewer is an amazing app which developed by Instagram hackers. This app provide a better and simple solution for Instagram user to view private Instagram profiles and photo without following! You don’t need to hack private Instagram accounts, you just need to follow below steps to launch it.

  • Go to the app page and input the required information of the forms. (Such as the Instagram account you want to view, which platform you are using)
  • Click the account connect button to finish the account checking process.
  • Choose which action (view profile/download photos) you would like this app to take.

That’s all. Three simple steps to make you view private Instagram in a few minutes without following.

Through this article, you may have ideas about viewing private Instagram Now! So if you have a private Instagram account to view, don’t hesitate to use the methods we share in this post!

Try Private Instagram Viewer now!

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